About Us

Sturmans Antiques was established in 1984 and is a second generation family run business. 

The shop is situated in the bustling market town of Hawes, which is located in Wensleydale, in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The shop includes five separate showrooms, giving our customers an opportunity to see a wide selection of antiques in a range of inspiring room settings.

We are also on Instagram and have our own YouTube channel (@sturmansantiques1428), where short videos of antiques can be viewed.

Examples of our stock

Examples of Moorcroft pottery
Selection of old Moorcroft pieces
Some of our Collector Boxes
Selection of Collector Boxes
Sturmans Antiques. Some of our clocks for sale
A selection of bracket, carriage and mantel clocks

Inside The Shop

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Inside one of Sturmans Antiques showrooms in Hawes with antique furniture, antique paintings, antique mirrors, antique barometers and antique clocks with complementing contemporary lamps and throws.
Inside Sturmans Antiques shop showing antique clocks, antique mirror, antique arm chairs, various pieces of antique furniture and contemporary lamps.
Inside part of Sturmans Antiques Shop in Hawes with antique sofa and chairs, antique table, coffers and various oil on canvas paintings, antique mirrors, various items of antique furniture and clocks, contemporary lamps and throws.
One of Sturmans Antiques showrooms in Hawes with antique furniture including antique tables, chairs, side boards and antique chests.  A wide selections of oil on canvas paintings, antique mirrors, antique boxes and antique Moorcroft also available.